Guys, from this moment on, I want you all to relax. You’re not the ones that’s going to be receiving any training at this time. What you are going to be getting is a batch of informative but fun articles on the K9 Disc Club movement. I’ll also be sharing with you anecdotal info picked up from our colleagues from around the world and sharing with you some personal thoughts on some of the important qualities of our fine dogs.

Let me just say from this point on, dogs are not to be trifled with. Over centuries they may have been bred to include certain characteristics that made them suitable for use among men but they remain animals. Deep down, they’ll still have their wild roots, if you will, but more importantly, I dare you to name any creature on this earth that’s going to love and care for you more. The Chicago K9 Disc club is a broad church, if you will.

The Chicago K9 Disc Club is essentially a training facility for all domestic dogs. Because it’s a year round facility and because the winter weather in Chicago can be pretty brutal, the facility is an indoor one. It even has air conditioning and heaters for those days when temperatures are either sky high or well below freezing. This makes good sense, wouldn’t you think, because while the dogs are being taken through their motions, they’re being kept as comfortable as possible.

Let’s look at some questions of concern that we’ve been asked over time. I’ll give these verbatim, just to simplify the story for you here. The first question asked was a daft one, I thought. But of course the dog’s master can sit in while it’s being trained by seasoned handlers. The timid writer simply wanted to know whether she could watch while her dog was being shown the ropes. I’d like the likes of her to be involved in the dog’s training at all times.

I see it not as a training regime for the dog alone. It’s a program of enlightenment for mistress and master as well. How the heck are they to know what to do if they haven’t been shown how to handle their faithful animals? Private lessons are always on offer, and this I encourage wholeheartedly as well. I value the concern that some dog owners show. I also see the private sessions as a unique opportunity for some serious bonding to take place without any distractions from other dogs and handlers.

The most common form of training that will be given is basic obedience training. Once that’s been mastered, and depending on the dog breed, its intelligence levels and temperament as well as its own unique personality, advanced training can be proposed. I’m a keen advocate of patience in both dogs and its masters. Both must learn together the art of being patient. Also, I’m very big on fitness training. This, to my mind, is more training for the owner than the dog.

Because what dog doesn’t like being out and about? What dog doesn’t love going out on its regular walks? More the case that novice handlers aren’t always so keen on taking their dogs out every once in a while.