This blog is all about how to take proper care of your best-loved pet. Yes, that’s right folks; your domestic dog is still very much man’s best friend. The smaller varieties, like the fluffy white Maltese Poodle have generally turned out nicely to be little old ladies’ best friend on lonely winter nights. But there is no finger pointing or cultural targeting or class consciousness going on here. All this opening introductory message is saying in regard to this blog on dogs is that it’s wonderful to note that there are so many varieties of canine species available out there to take care of every whim of every man or woman, no matter how different they are in size, personality or culture.

But this blog is not about you. It’s about your beloved pets. It’s an introduction to help inspire you towards taking better care of your best friends. Let the rest of this page serve as a mouthwatering feeder of what you can expect to read further on by way of short summaries. But for now, we won’t be looking beyond our next two planned articles. At this point in time, you are also most welcome to add your own contributions and feed us with your suggestions on doggedy issues that should be discussed.

  • Proper care of dogs – Just a few pointers are being brought up here. And these are just commonsensical basics, so there can be no excuse for saying that I do not know what to do. If you have not already done so, do get your dog to the vet for at least its annual check-up. Do make sure that your outdoor yard space is large enough for the dog to roam about in, particularly if it’s a larger than normal dog. And apart from feeding it right, do give it some TLC throughout the day, no matter how busy you seem to think you are.
  • Dietary requirements for dogs – There is always time for love where dogs are concerned. After all, what have they been trying to do for you these last few years? Now, we do feel compelled to bring up this topic on essential feeding requirements for dogs at this stage because we do feel it has been neglected for far too long. Make a note that there has been a new emphasis towards feeding your favorite canine pet only natural food this time around. It is also a good time to ditch those dried food and canned varieties.
  • Healthy habits between man and his dog – Please, folks, do not leave your poor old dog or young, vulnerable puppy to its own devices. Now, really folks, if you all profess to be dog lovers then this next little daily exercise should be one of the most joyful moments of your day. It is even more of an occasion for your dog. Simply put, do take your dog for a good walk each and every day.

Not just that, but try two or three walks a day. Dogs need to be out and about in any case. It is part of their natural habit. Out in the wild, they are at it all day long, aren’t they? And these walks; it’s quality time for you and your best friend.


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