Rescue dog with lifebuoy


There are those moments in your life when your skin just wants to crawl. Thankfully, because I’ve been stuck away in my office for the last few days, I’ve not had too many of them. All the horrors and cruelties of this human world I pick from the internet or the TV for now. But out there, when we hit the sidewalks on the outskirts of the city, the amount of cruelty that we encounter just riles us. But that’s not what this post is about.

It’s an inspirational one which picks up the thread on the previous one about those hardworking and brave dogs risking all that they have to do their duty on behalf of mankind. You only need to whistle once and he’s there in a flash, ready to do good by you. If he’s your homebody, then he’s going to be the first to the door or the gate at the sound of any potential danger. But those dogs that quite literally pave the way for others that can’t truly inspire me.

Those dogs that pave the way for others are known as our dearly beloved guide dogs. They really do lead the blind. I have often wondered how complex training for these lads and girls, mostly Labradors, must be. But in hindsight, their training is a breeze. They are very patient dogs and love to be of service. They willingly and instinctively stick their paws out to help out when they know that their master or mistress is clearly at a loss.

They’re also highly intelligent too. In fact, I reckon they’re a lot more intelligent than the daft men and women who insist on crossing the road when the lights are clearly indicating that they can’t. I’ve deliberately not mentioned the color codes here because it differs from country to country. Wouldn’t want to confuse any of you. Those folks who insist on crossing the lights when they’re not supposed to, well, are they confused or just plain dumb and wreckless.

I remember a tone of ignorance a while back. It wasn’t meant and it was quite innocent at the time. Thoughtless perhaps, a young lady remarked to me how irritating those lights were to her when they started making loud beeping noises when signaling that the way was clear to cross the road. Well, I politely explained to her that the noise was there for a reason. It was there for the blind folks who cannot see the signals like she can.

And their dogs see and recognize those signals too. I’m really in awe of these rescue remedy dogs. I’ve called them this on purpose. Let me explain. Folks who are often under a lot of stress or suffer from acute nervous conditions are often recommended to grab a pillbox of rescue remedy tablets. They are not harmful and are sourced naturally. They’re designed to calm those nerves right down. The same goes for those dogs that have been handpicked to see to traumatized patients or mentally challenged folks.

Those dogs have a calming influence over people who suffer from serious depression or long-term shock. You would not believe this if I told you. There are even those dogs that have been trained to remind terminally ill men and women when to take their medicine.