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Hi. We hope you enjoyed our introduction to our general dog blog in which we gave you a brief outline on how we would like to approach the matter of proper care of dogs in general.  Now, this short post takes care of a few important factors, all generalized to make it easy on your tired eyes. These are the critical areas you need to be focusing on in regard to your dog’s long-term health and welfare. It must also be said that there is no one size fits all approach here and there is an encouragement to you to take extra time out to extend your reading and research on dog care essentials in relation to the specific breed in your kind care and custody.

  • Dog care essentials – That being said let us start with the last point raised in our opening paragraph. Consider the size of your dog and consider its quirks. Think of it as though you were buying new toys and accoutrements for your growing toddler. Do get your dog a decent kennel that will be sufficiently warm for it during the winter months. Prep its living environment up with a neat little silver bowl or two for its food and water. Give its already attractive looks a stunning new sheen with a grand collar. But do make sure that both collar and leash, yes, leash, you and your pet dog will be going for long walks together; fit your dog’s throat comfortably. It must never be tight.
  • Reading and research – No-one, not even us, can profess to know enough on what needs to be done to safeguard the welfare and care of our dogs. Not all of us have ready access to an accredited and accomplished veterinarian specializing in canine breeds. So to compensate and accomplish our goals, we can always rely on the internet, not so. Here, we are not just talking about similar contributions as is the case with this general overview on proper dog care, but the true experts in their field. Most urban canine vets have their own websites up and running with additional information that can only be of use and help. Then there are the legendary dog breeding societies and associations that provide you with many links to other areas which may be of specific interest to you and your breed of dog.
  • Long-term canine health basics – if you’ve already over-extended yourself, positively speaking of course, with the above suggested reading and research, then perhaps this little bullet is not entirely necessary. But, of course, such vital information on taking extensive and proper care of your pet needs to be repeated for emphasis. The most important point that we’d like to make in this regard is to try and get your dog to the specialized vet at least twice a year. As far as we can tell, once a year no longer cuts it. Perhaps even a third visit could extend the healthy life of your ageing dog. Understandably, most pet lovers have grace concerns over the expense that such vigilant action could incur. Today, you can sign up for an affordable pet medical aid, would you believe.

Well, that about it, really. The general basics have been covered. Now, it’s up to you that you make sure that you follow through on these, if you haven’t already done so. Of course, there’s much more where that came from and no amount of internet reading will be enough when it comes to the welfare and care of your dog.


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