Soldiers and his soldiers dog at the city


Hi, it’s Bob here again. Proudly American and still very much in love with the city in which I was born and bred in. Speaking of which, I haven’t been talking about dog breeds per se. This has been for good reason. I wanted to spend more time talking to you guys about my love for dogs, not just certain breeds, but all kinds. And when I talk about all kinds, I mean all kinds. Apart from me being proud of all those brave men and women who put their bodies on the line to help others, there’s my utmost admiration for the hundreds of patrol dogs walking the streets of Chicago every day and every night.


There are K9 patrols on every urban city sidewalk across America, not just in Chicago. K9 patrols are in operation on federal, state, county and local levels. These patrols serve a number of purposes, not just the obvious in catching criminals. Typical duties for K9 dogs include bomb, drug and weapon searches. The dogs are also used for hunting down escaped convicts and searching for missing or dead bodies. K9 units are linked to other law enforcement agencies dealing with such matters related to border patrol and state and international criminal investigation services.


Because of urban population density it stands to reason that there are more city patrol dogs around than anywhere else in the country. The argument goes that most of the time; these dogs go about their business mostly unseen. Well, I would imagine so. Imagine a detective sniffing about in full view of the criminals he’s chasing after. They’d leave town and he’d never catch them now would he. Same goes for the dogs. They’ve been trained up well at their own specialized police academies. Most metropolitan police units will have dozens of dogs working with them at any time. Chicago, as one of the country’s largest cities, will have hundreds.


Criminals beware. Where punishment goes, you ain’t seen nothing. It’s one thing being caught on the wrong side of the law. That’s galling enough for criminals who don’t give a hoot about law-abiding and tax-paying citizens. Criminals usually network among one another for fresh tip-offs on who to steal from and who to harm. One thing they must know, those that have armed themselves to the teeth for this, is that remotely harming our patrol dogs is a serious criminal offence.

You don’t get a fine for injuring a dog. There’s no slap on the wrist either these days. Listen to this, larceny and grand auto theft felons. It’s felonious to harm or even kill a ‘federal law enforcement animal’. It’s criminal in most of the country’s states to be killing a police dog. The law enforcement authorities take matters very seriously, just as seriously when one of their own (human) officers are injured or killed in the line of duty, when one or more of their canine pals are harmed, maimed or killed by malevolent, deviants and unconscionable human beings.


I’m looking forward to the day when law enforcement dogs get sworn in just like their fellow human officers. The current dictum is that, on the first day of duty, police dogs are formally sworn in. But the swearing in is not official and carries no legal bindings. How does this make sense? If it’s a criminal offence to kill patrol dogs, why not make things official for the dogs on duty. Also, let the punishment fit the crime. Officially, sentences for killing dogs are not anywhere near as harsh as those meted out for taking a human life on duty.


Don’t even try. Save yourself the time and trouble and enjoy the comfort of your small, cold cell. Save us some tax dollars as well. Instead of spending months of planning your great escape and then trying to bust out one night, rather stay put. Because, the thing is, those bloodhounds are going to catch you anyhow. The bloodhounds are usually selected for work at prisons. They have a scent and a half that stretches for miles.