Dog with tasty macaroons


Two firm doggie favorites. And then a few pointers for readers on how to make dog treats at home. And then it’s time for dessert. This is for all the guys and girls who are going to be making homemade dog food for the first time. If you are one of those guys or girls then you have been feeding your dogs packaged foods; tinned, mushy, pulpy food that passed for protein and/or  meat. But it was nothing of the kind.

You were also feeding your dogs biscuits after been falsely fed the lie that these were good for your pets. They are not. They never were. The real meal deal remains the holistic truth. Holistic dog food for all breeds essentially includes the same philosophical ingredients that hold true for us humans. Not only is all food au naterel, all natural goodness is sealed solid. The secret is not just in the organic ingredients but also in the way you prepare the natural ingredients

Chicken and vegetables

All dogs love chickens. Give them the chickens that they would love to be chasing around in the barnyard. Free range chickens, in other words. Not those battery chickens that you will find in giant refrigerators at your local supermarket. Make your dogs proud and take a stand against the cruelty being meted out against little chicks that never see a ray of sunshine during their entire life. And in many cases, these chickens are already being slaughtered from a young age.

Try and source boneless and skinless alternatives. That way you avoid feeding your dog bone splinters and there’s less fat in these breasts. You could buy the fat free alternatives, but perhaps many of you won’t be able to afford this. It’s a tad more expensive than the regular pieces. The vegetables here are carrots. And then there’s also legumes in the form of red beans and kidney beans. I am not in favor of adding tomatoes because there might be too much acid, something that could harm the dog’s stomach.


What dog doesn’t like beef? All dogs love meat. Meaty goodness is even better now that you have those free range options. Not only that, and it’s the same for the free range chicken products, organic meat packs are free of chemicals and bacteria which does more harm to your much smaller pets than it does to you.


Guys, cooking is really easy. If you’ve never cooked in your entire life, do not fret. You will learn in next to no time. You can kill two birds with one stone. Only you won’t be killing birds as such. Cats with nine lives kill birds. That’s why your dogs chase their feline rivals away. While you are cooking your own food for the evening, you can prep Fido’s food as well.

Also, you can prepare several meals in one go. That way you save time, energy and more money. You can freeze doggie’s food. But just remember, when the food is defrosted and ready to be warmed up, make sure that the temperature’s not piping hot. Make the food moderately warm. Otherwise you could harm your dog’s stomach lining.

And when you are preparing your dog’s chicken and meat, make sure that you have diced or cubed its portions into small, bite sized chunks, commensurate with the size of your dog. Dogs don’t really chew like cats do. They still tend to gulp their food down like there’s no tomorrow, so be careful with this.


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