If you’re from Chicago like me, then this short post is for you. If you’re mad about dogs, like me, then this post is for you too. The post can be read and enjoyed by all dog lovers across the world, because there is much in common well worth sharing about the beloved canine species. The sentiment being raised in this post is; why should we be the one’s having all the fun when our day is over. It’s a dog’s life, I tell you. Dogs work their butts off for you, so why not give them a break as well.


I’m going to be giving you a few short inspirational lines of my own and on behalf of the Chicago K9 dog lovers out there. Then, we’re spoon feeding you with a bit of info. I wonder now. I wonder if Chicago is in the Guinness Book of Records, because let me tell you right now, there must be dozens and dozens of dog friendly parks in Chicago. That’s the official status the last time I checked. Okay, so winter’s a tough call, but come spring and summertime, even during the autumn months, it’s really great to be walking through the many parks of one of America’s largest cities. Don’t forget to head off down to the lake. It’s really beautiful out there. It’s so huge; you’d think you were down by the sea.

For obvious reasons, this next bit of info will mainly be of use to those already living with their dogs in the greater Chicago area. I am just highlighting a few examples of doggy parks randomly because they’re pretty much similar across the city and there’s just too many of them for me to name in this short post.

  • FRED AND COLISEUM PARKS – These parks encourage dogs to socialize with each other. There are areas in which they can intermingle freely without their leashes on. Fred Park has a pool area reserved just for dogs. There are also other areas where temperamental large dogs can be kept separated from the smaller, fragile dogs. Also, parks are kept lit at night. This is great news for busy urban city dwellers that only have a chance to take their dogs out after they’ve arrived home from work in the evening.
  • RIVER PARK – This park is great for busy moms and dads with family dogs in tow. Not only is the park dog friendly, it’s child friendly too. It’s friendly to the tired moms and dads too. There’s plenty of park benches to sit on while the kids and dogs play in their own designated play areas.
  • BARTELME – Thirsty dogs will love this park. There’s a drinking bowl that continuously fills up with water. It’s a clean, poop-free park too. Waste bags are provided for those canines that really need to get to their outdoor bathroom in a hurry. They can also wash or splash under a mist drizzle. Walking areas here wind and are never boring for both dog and its owner.THE PURPOSE OF DOG FRIENDLY PARKSIt’s really great the local and city authorities have put a lot of thought and work in for our canine buddies. While we have places to go to, things to see, and people to visit, Chicago dogs have poles to sniff, squirrels to chase, other dogs to meet and greet and plenty of room to gallop, with or without a leash.


I guess it’s not really unique at this point because most of the dog friendly features of Chicago’s parks are more or less similar to others in other urban parts of the world where life, work and play is jacked up for the benefit of all. But it has to be said that the things you see in your parks nowadays would not have been thought about twenty years ago, never mind seen and heard. Yep, that’s right; dogs should be seen and heard. Love them or leave them be.

Let’s close this post with my brief definition of what a dog friendly park entails. Its friendliness extends to the dogs’ owners and their fellow citizens too. The city authorities have designated unique areas just for dogs which are isolated from other folks who do not wish to be bothered by dogs. Well, what a pity for them, I guess. And I guess the biggest feature of these dog friendly parks is that the canines no longer have to be restricted in their movements by being chained to a leash.

But there are rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. Guys, for the welfare of your buddies, please obey these rules.