Hello, my name is Bob and I’m one of the members of the Chicago K9 Disc Club. What a pity that time is running against us. We have to keep things short over here in Chicago, Illinois. Apart from canine duties to see to, there are plenty of up and coming festivals and winter activities to look forward to, such as husky sled riding on the frozen lake. Anyway, keeping things to a minimum, let me quickly tell you all what this blog is about. This is a blog about our Chicago K9 Disc Club. We will be focusing more on interesting information that can help you in your dog life, rather than what is going on behind the scenes on our shift.

Here and there, if its relevant to the information we’re giving you, we might give you a sneak preview of some of the behind the scenes, but please guys, don’t count on it nor look forward to it. Rather look forward to the following. Interesting information about dogs in general, dog clubs in general and how you should be looking after your animals anyhow. I’m a bit of an eccentric in that field, I think because I’ve been around dogs for most of my life. Anyways, the one thing I enjoy the most about being around dogs is taking them all out for a good walk.

I’m glad because this is one of the most important chores you have to do when taking care of your dog. A good, healthy dog needs its daily walk. There is no debate about it. Let’s talk about that later. Let’s talk about what’s going to be inside this blog. Let’s talk about the Chicago K9 Disc Club in general. Let’s also talk about that unusual K9 code for dogs in action and on duty and why it seems to be so successful. I am fascinated about brave, hardworking, fulltime working dogs of all shapes and sizes and makes and breeds.

Whoa, I almost said ‘makes and models’. I mean, how insensitive that is, coming from a supposed dog lover. Anyway, it was a slip of thought in an intriguing way. You know what; so-called thoroughbreds have in reality been manufactured. Classic dog breeders have honed their skills and gone on to create a super dog that matches their requirements in terms of tasks to be done mainly. Interestingly, most dog breeders, at some stage or another, always had protection in mind when creating their strong and ferocious dogs.

But, I’m a dog lover, not a die-hard breeder. I love our parks too, by the way. Let’s go for a walk just as soon as we can. Let’s also talk about what you can expect from joining a proper or neighborhood dog club. It can mean different things to a whole lot of different folks, so let’s stay true to that. One last thing before I close down this introductory post, and before I forget. Don’t forget either, to mail us from time to time. Tell us what you think of our postings so far. Basically, give us good feedback or tell us what we might be doing wrong.

Mostly, we wish you well and hope you enjoy your time with us.