Two purebred dogs (border collies) in the background of the platform for training dogs.


I’m breaking this post down into a few important themes. It’s mostly a motivation that I’m leading on to here. I don’t know if the AKC actually has a record of this, but of the two hundred and eighty million American citizens, how many of them have dogs. And of the number that do own dogs, I wonder how many belong to dog clubs, of which there are quite a number right here in Chicago. … Read more →



If you’re from Chicago like me, then this short post is for you. If you’re mad about dogs, like me, then this post is for you too. The post can be read and enjoyed by all dog lovers across the world, because there is much in common well worth sharing about the beloved canine species. The sentiment being raised in this post is; why should we be the one’s having all the fun when our day is over. … Read more →

Soldiers and his soldiers dog at the city


Hi, it’s Bob here again. Proudly American and still very much in love with the city in which I was born and bred in. Speaking of which, I haven’t been talking about dog breeds per se. This has been for good reason. I wanted to spend more time talking to you guys about my love for dogs, not just certain breeds, but all kinds. … Read more →

Rescue dog with lifebuoy


There are those moments in your life when your skin just wants to crawl. Thankfully, because I’ve been stuck away in my office for the last few days, I’ve not had too many of them. All the horrors and cruelties of this human world I pick from the internet or the TV for now. … Read more →

Deutscher Schferhund


I get to write a fair amount of these types of posts. And I really dig writing them. Because in these types of posts I’m at my subjective best and sometimes pour my heart out on matters related to the K9 movement and the animals in which it vests. … Read more →